Without open source, there would be no Salesforce as we know it today.

Open source projects fuel the Salesforce core infrastructure in the same way Force.com fuels your managed packages. As SFDC Architect Ian Varley puts it: “Open source lets you control your own destiny.”

Tools You Can Use

Here’s an assortment of tools, libraries, and API clients that you can use in your own projects.

Tools Libraries API Clients
* Ant SF * Apex Commons * Apex Tooling API - SOAP Edition
* Apex Data Loader * Amazon Echo for Salesforce * jsforce (Node)
* ApexDocs * Apex Metadata API * Metaforce (Ruby)
* ApexUnit * Apex Mocks * nforce (Node)
* CumulusCI * Apex Style Guide * restforce (Ruby)
* Force.com IDE * NPSP / Cumulus
* Jenkins CI * Salesforce Lightning Design System
* Nightwatch (Selenium) * SFDC Trigger Framework
* SoqlXplorer * Simple Salesforce (Python)

Salesforce in the House

To keep its own ship running, Salesforce contributes directly to several open source projects.

Project Project
* Apache Hadoop * Aura
* Apache HBase * Kylie
* Apache Phoenix * Selenium
* Apache Qpid

For more about Salesforce and Open Source, visit this Medium page.

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