By following a solid set of best practices, and making good use of proven tools and frameworks, you can take enterprise development on the platform to the next level.

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Enterprise Practices

Let’s overview some proven practices that you can adopt and adapt. (If you have some of your own to add, fork us on GitHub!)

Enterprise Tools

Use these proven tools and frameworks to deploy your enterprise-grade application.

  • Apex Wrapper Salesforce Metadata API - Use Apex to call out to the Metadata Web Services API and automate updates to your packages.
  • CumulusCI - A reusable set of build and automation scripts to facilitate a best practices based development and release process for managed package development on the Salesforce1 Platform.
  • See also Tools.

Chrome Extensions

  • API Fieldnames - Show the Salesforce API field names on detail pages.
  • Boostr for Salesforce - Boost productivity in Salesforce.
  • Braintree Testing - Right-click context menu to fill form elements with Briantree’s testing credit cards numbers.
  • Grey Tab - A small but growing collection of neat tricks for debugging applications.
  • Lightning Inspector - Inspect and optimize Lightning Components.
  • Pearls Extension - Always highlight a set of words stored for chosen webpages. Great for Salesforce debug logs!
  • Salesforce1 Simulator - Launch Salesforce1 in a mobile simulator.

Enterprise Groups

Join these Salesforce Success groups to collaborate with other enterprise developers.

See Also

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