The DreamOps Roadmap is a remarkable platform, and we want to help take it to the next level. We have a dream. We want to be the most scalable, most agile, most developer-friendly platform on the planet – or in the cloud – bar none.

Enterprise Developer Top Ideas

Areas where can enhanced …

  1. Add “Switch” or “Case” Statement to Apex (14,400 Points - In Development).
  2. Allow VisualForce Detail Page to be an edit form (9,370 Points - Product Team Review).
  3. IDE: Autocomplete for Apex and Visualforce code (8,280 Points - Partially Delivered in Spring ‘09)
  4. Enforce CRUD and FLS in Apex (4,000 Points - Product Team Review)
  5. Permission Sets: Allow standard object permissions to be packaged (840 Points).
  6. Partial Data DEVELOPER Sandboxes - 200mb is all we need for development (760 points).
  7. Allow Date, DateTime and Picklist fields to be indexed (460 Points)
  8. Support for External IDs when loading test data using the Test.loadData() method (370 Points).
  9. Combine all test class in one location like Triggers (190 Points).
  10. Allow parallel tests to run for all orgs - Many folks lost ability to run parallel tests in Spring 2013 (170 Points).

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We asked for it!

  1. Make managed packages less restrictive / more intelligent.
  2. Source Control, Revision Control, CVS, Subversion - for S-Controls & Apex Code.
  3. Provide Enhanced Apex Testing Functionality

Enterprise Developer Top features

What does really, really well!

  1. Developer and sandbox orgs on demand.
  2. APIs.
  3. External Ids.
  4. Globally unique Ids.
  5. RESTful UI.
  6. (new) CLI and trusty migration tool.
  7. Seasonal releases and weekly patches.
  8. Workbench site.
  9. Finely grained security model with graceful degradation.
  10. User object with password reset and password policies.

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