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Tips for an Effective Architecture Review Board

[Joe Castro] Does your Salesforce environment have integrations with other systems in your organization? Do you use custom VisualForce Pages or Lightning Components? How much Apex are you using in Triggers and Classes? Do you have multiple development teams? An Architecture Review Board (ARB) is a great way to ensure that the customizations in your Salesforce organization deliver valued functionality – Learn more at Appirio

What is Salesforce DX and what does it mean for Admins

[Alex Brausewetter] Salesforce has been at the forefront of so many technological changes. Their innovation stance on the viability of Enterprise Cloud seems obvious now but it wasn’t when they first started. The company once again flexed its innovation muscles at Dreamforce ‘16 with the announcement of a developer experience they are calling Salesforce DX. Announced alongside other technology investments like the Einstein AI platform, DX is perhaps the most important change in the daily activity of Salesforce professionals and an exciting new way of thinking about Salesforce development. – Learn more at Salesforce Ben

Lightning Design System in Visualforce Part 2 - Forms

[Keir Bowden] In Part 1 of this series I covered getting started with the lightning design system for Visualforce developers. The example in that post was a page with a thin veneer of Visualforce, but with content that was pretty much vanilla HTML. In this post I’ll be making much more use of standard Visualforce components, which means I have to make some compromises. – Learn more at Bob Buzzard Blog

Secure your Org with Salesforce Health Check

[Ben McCarthy] Org security should be one of the most important topics on any Admins radar, but unfortunately can get left behind ahead of the awesome business process improvement. Although Salesforce offers one of the most secure cloud platforms in the market, user error can always be apparent. There are still a bunch of settings and parameters that Administrators can enable and change to ensure that you protect your users and their data, and keep up with the industry standard. – Learn more at Salesforce Ben

10 UX Issues in Lightning Experience that Need Fixing

[Brent Downey] As a user of Salesforce for seven years, I’ve grown accustomed to Salesforce Classic, but have embraced Lightning Experience as much as possible, working to be an advocate for the new user experience and overall platform. While there are so many positives and exponential potential with the platform, as an end user and Administrator – Learn more at Admin Hero

The Thousand Developer March on DX GA

[Ted Husted] The Salesforce DX pilot is imminent, and it’s a pilot with a difference. Sure, DX is a groundbreaking initiative for Salesforce, breathtaking in its scope. Among other things, DX: Moves the source of truth from the cloud environment to source control – Learn more at NimbleUser

Confluence Templates For All

[Ted Husted] One of the many truly useful features of the Confluence enterprise wiki are page templates. Along with Confluence templates for sprint planning, retrospectives, and Go-No-Go decisions, we have checklist templates for routine maintenance – Learn more at NimbleUser

Understanding how your App Experience fits into Lightning Experience

[Andrew Fawcett] Lightning Experience is not just a shiny new looking version of Salesforce Classic. Nor is it just some new cool technology for building device agnostic responsive rich clients. Its a single place where users access your application and of course others from Salesforce and those from AppExchange. It’s essentially an application container a home for apps! – Learn more at Andy In The Cloud

Ant-SF: DX for the rest of us

[DreamOps Crew] The ant-sf buildfile supplements tasks provided by the Ant-Salesforce JAR. The JAR provides a core set of tasks for retrieving and deploying metadata between Salesforce orgs and a Git version control repository.

The buildfile supports using task branches, where each task is a separate JIRA issue. Each task (or feature) can be developed in its own Salesforce environment, and merged back into the mainline of development.

Targets are provided for both direct consulting projects and managed package products. For products, either sandboxes or trial orgs can be used with a corresponding task branch.

For more, see the Ant-SF repository on Bitbucket or GitHub.

Hot JavaScript tips for Visualforce Developers!

[Peter Knolle] The Visualforce framework abstracts away a lot of the heavy lifting of the underlying JavaScript necessary for Visualforce pages to function correctly. Visualforce developers can produce a whole lot of JavaScript without ever actually writing a single line of it by making use of built-in features like apex:commandButton, apex:actionFunction, etc. However, it is becoming more commonplace for Visualforce developers to write their own custom JavaScript or entire applications that are largely JavaScript-centric. This post contains some useful JavaScript tips for Visualforce developers. – Learn more at Peter Knolle