Introducing the NimbleUser Salesforce Apex Style Guide

[Craig Ceremuga] Throughout the years NimbleUser has written a number of in-house authoritative guides and documents on the Apex programming language. While a good start, our previous guidelines were too complicated and opinionated on the types of things that were unenforceable / didn’t matter in the grand scheme of building good software. – Learn more at NimbleUser and the Apex Style Guide Site

Salesforce Expands Partnership with Girl Develop It—Get Involved!

[Mary Scotton] We’re expanding our partnership with Girl Develop It (GDI) this year by doubling the number of cities where Salesforce classes will be taught. Even better, we get to work with you, the Salesforce community, to help make it happen! Read on to learn how to get involved. – Learn more at Salesforce Developer’s Blog

Now, Salesforce can even read your mind

[Sven Gauly] It’s not enough that Salesforce can respond to your voice commands, nor is it enough that Salesforce can predict your next move, today the world’s #1 CRM can respond to your every thought, with Salesforce Kreskin (tm).

The new Salesforce feature is based on a product acquired last year, Trilby. It takes brain-computer-interfaces to the next level by attaching to your phone, like a card card reader. Except this dongle can swipe your mind.

Gone are the days when you had to actually say out loud “Salesforce, what’s on my dashboard today.” Now, with a thought, your dashboard appears.

Kreskin is perfect for getting work done on your phone in loud environments, where voice commands are just not practical.

For more, visit the Salesforce Kreskin product page.

Ultimate Salesforce Chrome Extensions 2017

There are now a huge amount of Chrome extensions out there for various functions when working with the Salesforce platform. These range from Apps that help you organise your various Salesforce logins, to full blown toolkits that are jam packed with productivity features. – Learn more at Salesforce Ben

Top Open Source Projects

[DreamOps Crew] Without open source, there would be no Salesforce as we know it today.

Open source projects fuel the Salesforce core infrastructure in the same way Force.com fuels your managed packages.

As SFDC Architect Ian Varley puts it: “Open source lets you control your own destiny.”

Read more at DreamOps Success Group

Pilot Madness!

[Ted Husted] Like many forward-looking Salesforce partners, we’ve been enrolling in the new developer pilots that are hitting the streets now. Here’s some public background links on the various pilots in progress now. – Learn more at NimbleUser

Salesforce DX Week 1

[Ben McCarthy] The SalesforceDX pilot started a week or two ago and BrightGen were lucky enough to be selected to participate (thanks to the sterling efforts of my colleague Kieran Maguire who didn’t screw up his signup, unlike me!). This week I’ve managed to spend a reasonable amount of time reading the docs and trying out the basics and it’s clear already that this is going to be a game changer. – Learn more at Bob Buzzard

What is Salesforce DX and what does it mean for Admins

[Alex Brausewetter] Salesforce has been at the forefront of so many technological changes. Their innovation stance on the viability of Enterprise Cloud seems obvious now but it wasn’t when they first started. The company once again flexed its innovation muscles at Dreamforce ‘16 with the announcement of a developer experience they are calling Salesforce DX. Announced alongside other technology investments like the Einstein AI platform, DX is perhaps the most important change in the daily activity of Salesforce professionals and an exciting new way of thinking about Salesforce development. – Learn more at Salesforce Ben

Lightning Design System in Visualforce Part 2 - Forms

[Keir Bowden] In Part 1 of this series I covered getting started with the lightning design system for Visualforce developers. The example in that post was a page with a thin veneer of Visualforce, but with content that was pretty much vanilla HTML. In this post I’ll be making much more use of standard Visualforce components, which means I have to make some compromises. – Learn more at Bob Buzzard Blog

Secure your Org with Salesforce Health Check

[Ben McCarthy] Org security should be one of the most important topics on any Admins radar, but unfortunately can get left behind ahead of the awesome business process improvement. Although Salesforce offers one of the most secure cloud platforms in the market, user error can always be apparent. There are still a bunch of settings and parameters that Administrators can enable and change to ensure that you protect your users and their data, and keep up with the industry standard. – Learn more at Salesforce Ben