The DreamOps Success Group encourages interaction and sharing between enterprise Salesforce developers.

The platform offers developers amazing benefits and unique challenges, and it’s crazy helpful for us to meet the challenges together.

We have a dream. We want to be the most scalable, most agile, most developer-friendly platform on the planet – or in the cloud – bar none. #Together

Please join the conversation in our Salesforce Success Community.

DreamOps Resources

  • Planet DreamOps (DreamOps/planet) is a feed of all known Salesforce Developer and Administrator blogs. (Check it and see!)

  • DreamOps website ( aggregates a selection of top blogs curated from the Planet DreamOps feed.

  • DreamOps Success Group ( is a Salesforce success group open to all Salesforce developers ready to push the envelope.

  • DreamOps Guide to Continuous Delivery ( steps through standing up a development pipeline on the platform (current work has moved to the Playbook).

  • DreamOps Hub ( is a Github repository hosting open source libraries and tools, including tools to build managed packages (Ant-SF) and export/import data (Data-SF).

  • DreamOps Bucket ( offers DreamOps tools on the Bitbucket platform, for your forking convenience.

  • DreamOps Wiki ( curates a list of best practice articles on Enterprise Development.

  • DreamOps Roadmap ( ranks the top ideas for enterprise development.

Coming Soon

  • DreamOps Playbook is a blueprint for building an end-to-end Continuous Delivery mechanism on the platform that you can adapt and adopt for your own practice.

Together, let’s take to new heights.